Monday, September 8, 2014

Help me Decide

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a serious handbag obsession. I love purses, clutches, totes, and anything bag related. I have my eyes on a new bag or clutch. I cannot decide. I am going to ask my readers to help me pick the one to buy. First the bags are handmade by Amber Fant of Daylin Skye Designs. Here is the website:

Second I have to talk my budget. Each month I budget my little heart out to save. I am trying to build up my savings after clearing it out for my down payment on my condo. I am knee deep in renovations and my budget for that is almost gone. I also am about to live on my own for the first time since grad school, so I have new bills that I am not used to. With that being stated I gotta shop...right? Yes I do! But I cannot go crazy. So below you will find the two bags I am debating. There is a big price difference between the two, but which ever I choose (with your help) will be factored into my budget for that month.

So here they are. I pinned them from her Pinterest board. These photos are hers! Comment below and help me decide!
Option 1: The Signature Clutch in Ecru
Option 2: The Signature Bag in Ecru

Friday, September 5, 2014

Having a Super, Awesome, Amazing Week!!!!!!

I feel like sometimes Karma comes out of nowhere and showers me for being a good person. Don't mistake this statement for me thinking I am always good or don't make mistakes. I mean that I generally have a loving heart and try to give more than I take. With that disclaimer the last two weeks the universe has given me many things!!!!

Any of my friends who follow me on Instagram know that I am obsessed with all the giveaways. I can't help myself. Some involve tagging your friends. So to all my friends who I have tagged shamelessly, thank you for not blocking me.

Last week a shop that I love, love, love was having a fun little contest on Instagram. Conversations Pieces is one of my favorite finds from my blogging world. Audrey, the shop owner is amazing. I can't wait to make it out to Cali and meet her. Anyway I entered the contest and poof won  a $50.00 dollar credit to her store. How generous!!!!! I caught her Labor Day sale and got two pieces for Fall for the cost of shipping! Sweet! She was even nice enough when I was using my phone to make my purchase and forgot to use my store credit...silly Shannon, to reimburse my charge on my card. Audrey you Rock, I love you (not in a creepy way), and think you are the bees knees. If you want to shop a great store follow this link. It will not be a mistake. I cannot wait for fall to wear my new cozy sweaters!!!

Here I am on cloud nine and then wham. I get an email from the Kendra Scott store in Baton Rouge. My business card was pulled and I won a free color bar piece valued up to $100 and a party for 8 of my Lady Loves to drink champagne, eat cupcakes, and if they want to shop, get 15% off!!!! Whoop Whoop! I cannot wait for the Friday we picked! I have been playing with the color bar app on the site now for two days!!!!

I had a great week aside from all the freebies because I felt good. I was happy. I was loved. I am blessed!!!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

First day of School

I swear I almost cried as I walked out of my stats class. I didn't remember what a prime number was. I had to ask. I did ask. I was lost. OMW it has been six years since I have been in school. I called my friend and stated, I don't know if I can do this. She assured me I could and would. My head was spinning with numbers. I wanted to crawl into my bed and forget that I had to make it through two stats classes. Yes two! Oh dear.

My friend in Cali is a stats genius. I left her a voice mail basically stating I don't know if I can do this and I need you to move here now. She could tutor me. Clearly I was going to need one. Oh stats. You got me good Tuesday. My anxiety shot up to a good 7. Haven't had that kind of anxiety in a year. I let my teacher know that I needed a tutor and that I had a severe anxiety disorder. Mind you it is well controlled, but stats was going to test me.

Thursday I have my fun class. The one that involves a lot of reading. The reading is interesting and relevant. It is about college students in the U.S. which is who I work with everyday. I am excited about this class and pretty sure I won't be on the verge of the tears when I leave.

I know that I can make it through Stats. I did it once before. I am just going to have to remind myself of that daily. I can do this!

On a happy note yesterday my blog got 85 views!!!!! How exciting for me. I am curious who it is that is reading this here bloggity blog. If you wouldn't mind commenting and telling me a little about yourself that would be great! Nice to meet you in advance!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday: I missed you!

These last few weeks have had their fair shares of challenges. I have been cranky, stressed, sad, mad, and a slew of other emotions. It seems that the world is tying to kick my butt. I have to really be mindful of my mood and thoughts. I have had to work extra hard to calm myself, try to stay positive, and be thankful for the many wonders in my life. With that being said I am going to rant because this is my blog and I do what I want.

First and foremost I hate being micro-managed. This has become a real source of contention for me lately because it seems to occur not only at home but at work. I have been doing a little shopping these last few weeks. I have been so happy with where my money is going. To small businesses, companies that improve this little planet I inhabit, and charities I strongly support. However, the downside of still being at home is that my mom thinks I spend too much. It really galls me because I budget every month. I pay my credit card off in full, pay my bills, sock away a hefty part of my salary for savings, and make sure that I am never in the red. Last night I got home to a package from a charity auction for a family from my instagram. I was so excited to get this. My mom however decided she wanted to rain on my parade. I walk in the door. No hello, just I see you got another package in a very rude tone. Mind you she isn't even looking at me when she addresses me. I respond with How is this your concern. She then goes on a spiel about how it isn't her business but that I should not be spending. I respond with I pay my bills and do not have debt. As I am speaking she literally has not turned around to face me and then says blah blah blah Shannon. That is so rude and sent my mood into red zone. I was pissed. I do not have to justify anything I do. Please let this month fly by so I can move out. I need my freedom.

I haven't addressed this with her because she really is not receptive to it. It makes me sad that we have regressed in our relationship. These last few months I have felt nothing but anger and meanness from her. I have no clue why. I don't ask because usually it is my fault. I say that not because it is my fault, but that is how it is presented to me. I have to remind myself I am worthy of love. I am a good person. I am good enough. I am so ready to have my own place. I want to walk in the door after my hard days at work and be able to be me with no judgement.

Now with work I just have to suck it up and do what I am told. That is all I will say here.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Vote Now for your Favorite Scarf Design by fashionABLE

How adorable are these prints? I mean how does one pick? I will include my vote at the end of the post. Remember how I mentioned I love shopping with businesses that make this world a better place? Well here is another shop that does just that. This company is based out of Africa and your purchase creates sustainable business, creates jobs for women, and develops the economy in Africa. They are fighting Poverty one purchase at a time. I mean how can you not love this?

Here is the scarf I voted for designed by Hannah Coulson.

  I think all three are gorgeous. I was just feeling the Blue One, although all three are winners in my book. I encourage you to go vote. Pick your favorite and then if it wins, you can buy it!!!!!!!!!!! The link is below. While you are there vote and read up on this amazing company and their amazing mission!

Monday, August 18, 2014

A Thank You Note from Punjammies!

So not only is the company amazing, but they take the time to send a thank you email to each customer. I was thoroughly pleased to receive this email. I love my Punjammies. I need to get a pic of me looking good in them....bc they are pj's, and I make it my mission to get as comfy, aka looking messy, as soon as I hit my front door. Picture bra off, hair up, and make up free! This is a picture I got from their website and those are the Punjammies I purchased!!!!

Hi there,

This is a thank you note. But not JUST a thank you note. It’s more like that first text after two people met at a party where they didn’t know anyone and ended up chatting and hitting it off because of all the things they have in common.
In other words: We don’t want to come off too strong but we’re SO excited we met and really are dying to hear from you.

Here’s why:
1. Because this is more of a movement than it is a business and movements need people who will speak up. So if you use social media, Follow us on any of the links below and tag, post pics & stay in touch because not only do we listen, but this cause we are so passionate about will only grow by people like you spreading the word. And sign up to receive our emails so you can stay up to date on all things PUNJAMMIES™!
 2. Every single customer matters to us. We always want to be improving and we can’t do that without actual friends like you taking a minute to be honest with us. And while we know, no one LOVES a survey but we did happen to create the world’s shortest survey in hopes of you actually completing it. It’s just 2 questions PLUS you’ll get a discount code at the end, good for your next purchase.

So… Thank you so much for your recent PUNJAMMIES™ purchase. It truly means the world to us and we hope to hear from you really REALLY soon [as in the next 24 hours… or even like the next 10 minutes.. any time really].

Talk soon!
Your PUNJAMMIES™ friends

Friday, August 15, 2014

Wow this Week has Been Rough

I hate weeks where everything seems to bring me down. Robin Williams suicide made me sad. It brought up old wounds from losing my friend to suicide. It also reminded me how bad my depression had gotten over a year ago. I was so low that I could see why people would take their life. I spent a lot of time reflecting on how depression is so prevalent, but yet no one wants to open up and talk about it. How painful it is. How horrible it is to you and your family. How it can rob you of joy and ultimately your life. I have been lucky that I found companies that further the mission to speak up about mental illness. As a counselor I know  people feel shame for something that is a disease. If you had diabetes would you keep it a secret? No you would not. But depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and other mental health issues are kept secret.

I want to shout from the rooftops to all those that silently suffering. Say something. Ask for help. I can guarantee that someone out there loves you. Would move mountains for you. Would ensure that you know you are worthy of love.

Please get help. Don't let depression define you. Don't let it rob you of enjoying your life. I can say that I am happy every day. I have moments where I get sad. That is normal. It is not the same sadness I felt when I was deep in depression. I talked to my counselor, psychiatrist, family, and trusted friends. They helped me. It was not easy. I will never say it was. But it was worth it. Every hour spent in counseling releasing my demons, feeling my emotions, and learning new ways to think were worth it. Saying the things that scared me the most to someone else was frightening, but I was so lucky that my counselor loved me and cared for me. She taught me to love, cry, get mad, express myself, and know that I am ok.

I will not take for granted the things in my life that changed me. The day Debbie died was one of the worst days of my life. I loved her and still do. She saved me in my darkest hours. I knew that I could not lose my fight with depression. I wish she were here so I could tell her these things. I take comfort in the fact that she is finally at peace. A peace she never felt on this earth. I learned a lot about myself in the wake of her death. I also remember what my counselor told me one day. I will never know how many battles she won before she finally lost. So if you are reading this and fighting your own battle know that you can win. You are worth the fight and you are so worth loving.